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The India Armed Violence Assessment promotes research on all forms of armed violence in India, from cross border terrorism, domestic insurgencies and militant separatism, to less publicized risks to individuals from crime, social conflict, and gendered violence. Look to IAVA for original research, armed violence news,  partner institutions, and international research.

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India's Daughter (full film)

The rape that shocked the world and sparked protests across India. Parents and one of the rapists tell the story of the night a young woman was gang raped and murdered. The life of Jyoti Singh sheds light on violence against women in India.

Commentary: Sexual violence in India: Women see little progress. CBC, 12 March 2015

Special Topics in the News

Crime in India 2014 Statistics, National Crime Records Bureau, July 2015

This principle reference introduces new sections on environment related offences, crimes against senior citizens, against transgender and against foreigners. Sections on cyber crime, human trafficking, kidnapping and crimes against women/children/SC/ST are expanded.

Also see: The slaughter of suicide data. Frontline, 21 August 2015

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