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Women and Violence


Violence against women in India: culture, institutions. Record, 29 September 2015

Indian police investigate gang-rape of American tourist. Guardian, 17 September 2015

Acid attack victim makes a bold statement. New York Times, 9 September 2015

More needed to protect India's women from violence. NewsAsia, 10 August 2015

16 arrested for beheading woman for 'witchcraft'. BBC, 22 July 2015

Assam: 60-year-old woman beheaded for witchcraft. DNA, 21 July 2015

Kashmiri women suffer surge in gender violence. IPS, 17 July 2015

Meet the Indian women hunted as witches. Al Jazeera, 5 June 2015

Battling violence against women. Her Culture, 25 July 2015       

Manipur: the KNO prohibits sexual violence. Geneva Call, 28 March 2015

Sexual violence in India: women see little progress. CBC, 12 March 2015

Accused rapist dragged from jail and killed. New York Times, 6 March 2015

Why India gang-rape film row is extraordinary. BBC, 4 March 2015

How women in India feel about their safety.Tehelka, 20 December 2014

Rape ruled out in case of 2 Indian girls. New York Times, 27 November 2014

Badaun girls committed suicide, CBI says. Hindustan Times, 26 November 2014

In pictures: India's gun-violence widows. BBC News, 2 November 2014

Northeast: women are soft targets here. Tehelka, 18 October 2014

Women & weapons: an Indian response. BAS, September 2014

Thousands of women executed in Indian witch hunts. Washington Post, 21 July 2014

Lessons from a hanging: the Budaun rape and murder. E&PW, 21 June 2014

New government: gender concerns. Frontline, 13 June 2014

India's first gun for women. A solution or a problem? The Guardian, 26 January 2014

The rape reality check. Frontline, 27 December 2013

India’s time-bomb of violence against women. New Statesmen, 16 December 2013

India's women: mixed truth. Amartya Sen, NYRB, 10 October 2013

Delhi rape: how India's other half lives. The Guardian, 10 September 2013

India deploys army to quell communal violence. AlJaazera, 8 September 2013

Campaign against acid attacks grows. Washington Post, 9 August 2013

Pink Sari revolution, by Amana Fontanella-Khan. August 2013

Women cadres take bigger roles in Maoist groups. Times of India, 1 Jul 2013

Cops training for cases of crime against women. Times of India, 29 June 2013

Women cops handle hi-tech guns. Hindustan Times, 28 June 2013

‘Stranger rape’ rises over 10%. Times of India, 15 June 2013

Delhi less safe for women than any other city. NDTV, 14 June 2013

When can we expect change in Delhi's rape statistics? BBC, 14 June 2013

J&K SPO sacked for alleged rape attempt. Hindustan Times, 13 June 2013

Chhattisgarh attack: Maoists danced on Karma’s body after killing him, say survivors. Hindustan Times, 13 June 2013.    

NCRB: West Bengal tops for crime against women. India Today, 13 June 2013

Wife-swapping, adultery, rapes. Former woman Maoist's shocking revelations on the ultras., 8 June 2013

Raped 5 year old girl critical in Delhi. The Hindu, 19 April 2013

Woman's stalker guns down her father. Times of India, 3 April 2013

The pink face of Indian vigilantism. Global Journal, 26 March 2013 

India passes bill on crimes against women. New York Times, 21 March 2013

India inquiry into Punjab woman's beating. BBC, 5 March 2013

Woman shot dead in Delhi just 40 metres from PCR van. Times of India, 25 Feb 2013

Let's End Violence Against Women. Huffington Post, 22 Feb 2013

Rape accused shot dead in Haryana. Times of India, 21 Feb 2013

The Verma panel: an action plan. Frontline, 9 February 2013

President signs ordinance on crime against women. RediffNews, 3 Feb 2013

Gang rape crisis: Making women safe at work in India. BBC, 13 January 2013

Gang rape crisis: India looks within itself for answers. BBC, 5 January 2013

Women suffer big in India's state vs rebels war. Times of India, 29 Dec 2012

Father Hacks Daughter to Death Over Love Affair. Outlook India, 27 Dec 2012

Rape fastest growing crime in the country. Times of India, 27 Dec 2012  

Why you shouldn’t call Delhi our ‘rape capital’. Livemint, 19 Dec 2012

Women's tales from brutal Delhi. BBC, 18 Dec 2012

We are all part of the rape culture. SifyNews, 18 Dec 2012

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Responsibilities and relationships: intervention with men on violence against women in India, by Abhijit Dasa, et al., Culture, Health & Sexuality, Vol. 14:6, 2012

Shattering India’s silence on rape. New York Times, 28 October 2012

India’s Border: Women in the Border Security Force. New York Times, 1 October 2012

Capturing trauma of women in North-East. Times of India, 14 Sept. 2012.

Woman dies after police beating, protests in Kokernag. Kashmir Times, 6 Sept 2012

Punjab women lead the way in arming themselves. The Tribune, 1 Sept 2012

Around 31,000 women in Punjab own guns: RTI. The Indian Express, 26 August 2012

Girl shot at by guard in Gurgaon. Times of India, 22 August 2012

Delhi women gun for arms licences. Times of India, 4 August 2012

A hideaway for India's rebel couples. BBC, 29 July 2012

Indore: Firearms fascinate more women in city. Times of India, 15 July 2012

Mapping the violence. The Hindu, 9 July 2012

Domestic Violence in India: Rural and Urban, YouthKiAwaaz, 23 June 2012

Jammu and Kashmir: Wails from the valley. The Hindu, 19 June 2012

If India's women had equal rights: Monique Villa. The Economic Times, 19 June 2012

Poll finds India worst for women, BBC, 15 June 2012

Court orders seizure of ex-armyman's revolver. IANS, 6 June 2012

Shame: Delhi still India’s rape capital. Times of India, 4 June 2012

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Life in fear: Violence against women rising in Kashmir. The Hindu, 22 May 2012

Indian women turn to firearms against threat of violence. The Guardian, 21 May 2012

Fighting Sexual Violence in India with 'Girlcott' Power. The Atlantic, 4 May 2012

Chhattisgarh women allegedly tortured by police as MaoistThe Hindu, 1 May 2012

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Gurgaon Shamed: violence against women. Times of India, 18 March 2012

Don't work after 8pm, Gurgaon tells women. Times of India, 14 March 2012

Crime against women: Speak out. Times of India, 17 March 2012

Russian woman alleges Delhi cops under pressure. Hindustan Times, 4 March, 2012

Woman alleges rape at gunpoint in Kolkata. NDTV, 16 Feb 2012

BSF lady constable shot herself, survives. Punjab News line, 9 Feb 2012

Survey: Women as victims. The Hindu, 7 Feb 2012

Sexual abuse of women cadres by Naxals?. The Asian Age, 24 Jan 2012

It's tough being a woman. Times of India, 31 July 2011

35% of Indian women face violence: UN. PTI, 7 July 2011

Sharp-shooter granny fights male domination. BBC, 3 July 2011

Violence at home linked to deaths of 18 lakh girls. Times of India, 7 Jan 2011

Women rights in conflict zones: India focus. Human Rights Law, September 2010.